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18 December 2018

New QGIS geometry editing tool: trim/extend

Oslandia is continuing to improve QGIS to offer the draftsman the same experience as with the computer-aided design (CAD) software on the market. Today we introduce you to the “trim/extend” tool. As its name suggests, this tool, well known to CAD draftsmen, allows you to trim / shorten or extend segments. However, where CAD tools
29 November 2018

A new collaboration between Oslandia and Inria

Oslandia has a team specialized in geospatial data processing and data science. We focus on geostatistics, Machine Learning, and other advanced algorithms. We follow carefully the state of the art research improvements in this scope. We are pleased to begin a new collaboration on the topic of urban sprawl with STEEP, a research laboratory part
6 November 2018

QGIS Server 3 : OGC Certification work for WFS 1.1.0

QGIS Server is an open source OGC data server which uses QGIS engine as backend. It becomes really awesome because a simple desktop qgis project file can be rendered as web services with exactly the same rendering, and without any mapfile or xml coding by hand. QGIS Server provides a way to serve OGC web
15 October 2018

French Ministry in charge of the ecological transition selected Oslandia

The French ministry of the ecological transition  selected Oslandia for two of the three packages of its call for tender procedure dedicated to geomatic tools.  We are very proud to dedicate our team to one of the strongest support of geomatics and Open Source in France for the next 2 to 4 years. First package
12 June 2018

Tempus 2.6 is out

We are still working at improving Tempus, our multimodal route planner. We recently published a new major version, that has been funded by Cerema, DRIEA and IFSTTAR, and we would like to share the recent changes that have been made to the project. Isochrone computation The core engine is now able to compute multimodal isochrone
26 February 2018

QGIS 3.0 has been released

We are very pleased to convey the announcement of the  QGIS 3.0 major release called “Girona”. The whole QGIS community has been working hard on so many changes for the last two years. This version is a major step in the evolution of QGIS. There are a lot of features, and many changes to the
12 January 2018

Best wishes for 2018

Happy new year 2018 The whole team at Oslandia sends you its best wishes for this new year, full of serenity and freedom. 2017 has been an important year for our company, with a change in ownership and management, growth of the team, and new internal organization. This allows us to foresee next years with
6 June 2017

Oslandia renews itself and continues to grow !

Oslandia has been created in 2009 and quickly became a reference in OpenSource GIS, especially with the spatial database PostGIS. 2017 is a renewing year  for the company, with new domains and a team redesigned and enlarged to follow our growth. Our offer now features three domains : 3D, DATA and GIS
23 January 2017

Happy new year 2017

The whole team at Oslandia sends you its best wishes for this new year, full of innovation, prosperity, energy and Open Source.
8 November 2016


py3dtiles is a Python module aiming to manage the 3DTiles format.