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18 September 2017

iTowns 2 : 3D Geospatial information on the web !

Oslandia, French IGN, LIRIS CNRS Research Laboratory and Atol CD announce the release of iTowns 2, the new version of the OpenSource 3D geospatial data visualization framework for the web. Rewritten from scratch, this new major version allows users to benefit from a solid technological basis, and new 3D visualization features. Its capabilities for software
15 September 2017

Pointclouds in PostgreSQL with Foreign Data Wrappers

IGN and Oslandia have been collaborating on a research project named LI3DS. LI3DS stands for “Large Input 3D System”. The project involves acquiring data on the field, such as images and point clouds, and providing tools for storing, processing and analyzing the data. Everything developed as part of the project is opensource, and available on