Category: Developpement

18 décembre 2018

Nouvel outil d’édition des géométries dans QGIS : tronquer/prolonger

Oslandia poursuit l’amélioration de QGIS pour offrir au dessinateur la même expérience que sur les logiciels de Dessin Assisté par Ordinateur (DAO) du marché. Nous vous présentons aujourd’hui l’outil « tronquer/prolonger ». Comme son nom l’indique, cet outil, bien connu des dessinateurs en DAO permet de tronquer/raccourcir ou prolonger des segments. Toutefois, là où les outils de
8 novembre 2016


py3dtiles is a Python module aiming to manage the 3DTiles format.
16 mars 2016

OSGeo CS 2016 report : PostGIS

The annual OSGeo Codesprint took place from 23d to 26th of February in Paris, at Mozilla’s Foundation offices. Here is a summary of some achievements done during this event by the PostGIS team.
17 février 2016

iTowns 1.0 release : 3D web visualization framework

Oslandia is pleased to announce the first release of iTowns, a new 3D geospatial data visualization web framework developed by the iTowns project, including people from French IGN, Oslandia and AtolCD. Contact for this project at Oslandia :
30 janvier 2016

Tempus V2.0: routing faster, better, stronger !

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of our route planning framework: Tempus. Tempus is an Open Source C++/Python framework that allows to use, develop and test route planning algorithms with a particular focus on multimodal routing where every possible transport modes are taken into consideration for a trip: private cars,
12 mai 2015

Cesium Buildings

Cesium Buildings started at the `OSGeo code sprint in Philadelphia. It is still at an early stage but already allows to display textured buildings on the Cesium globe.
20 octobre 2014

Oslandia releases « Cuardo » 3D GIS viewer

Oslandia announces today the preliminary result of one of its research and development project : Cuardo . Cuardo is an OpenSource WebGL 3D data viewer, focusing on urban data analysis and visualization.
30 juin 2014

QGIS 2.4 release out, Oslandia inside

There is a new QGIS release out : version 2.4, codename Chugiak is now available. Binary packages for your platform have been generated, and you can directly download and try out this new release  of the famous Desktop GIS software. QGIS 2.4 has a lot of new features in all of its components. There is