Pointcloud talk at the FOSS4G-fr conference

By Wednesday May 23rd, 2018Non classé

FOSS4G-fr conference logo

The Oslandia team was massively present at the great FOSS4G-fr conference that was held last week near Paris.

One of the talks we gave was about Pointcloud, the PostgreSQL extension for storing point cloud data (a.k.a. LiDAR data), and LOPoCS, a lightweight server for streaming point clouds from PostgreSQL.

If you want to know more about loading, visualizing and analysing point clouds with PostgreSQL, you can take a look at the annotated slides (in English). And feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more about what we’re doing with point clouds!

Many thanks to the conference organizers and participants, see you there in two years! (And yes, we will be at the main FOSS4G conference in Daar Es Salaam too.)