Best wishes for 2018

By Friday January 12th, 2018News

Happy new year 2018

The whole team at Oslandia sends you its best wishes for this new year, full of serenity and freedom.

2017 has been an important year for our company, with a change in ownership and management, growth of the team, and new internal organization. This allows us to foresee next years with confidence and enthousiasm.

Our new website now showcases the three sectors composing our activities :

  • The historical GIS topic, with QGIS, PostGIS and custom applications such as QWAT or a project for cadaster in Burundi
  • The 3D domain, for visualization ( iTowns ) and GIS-simulation coupling, e.g. Geology with Albion, hydrology with Hydra
  • Our new DATA activity : data processing and applying AI to GIS, like we did for OSM data quality assessment

Lots of new actions and projects that we are impatient to share with you in 2018 !

Vincent Picavet, President at Oslandia, in the name of the team