Itowns v2.2 released!

By Friday January 5th, 20183D, Development, GIS, Non classé


We have the pleasure of announcing the release of iTowns v2.2! Itowns is a Three.js-based framework written in Javascript/WebGL for visualizing 3D geospatial data right into the browser, developed and maintained by Oslandia, IGN and AtolCD.

In this release, you will find a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements. Notably, the npm package is now working 🙂 Some new demos have also been added.

Useful features have been added too! Including:

  • The ability to change the opacity and color of a PointCloud
  • For PointCloud layers, you can now hook your customization code on a onPointsCreated callback
  • Panorama display support (drag to rotate the camera!):
  • A new provider – the static provider – has been added. It allows to serve tiles directly from the filesystem (from a metadata file in JSON containing a list of images URL and associated extent) without having to install a full WMS or WMTS server. It is very useful in development phase, or for small amount of tiles.
  • The ability to filter features from a WFS layer
  • Extrusion support for WFS layers
  • It is now possible to override the material of generated meshes from a 3dtile layer
  • Opacity is now supported for vector layers (3dTiles and WFS)
  • Touch capable display device are now supported in FirstPersonControls, PanoramicControls and FlyControls
  • Early collision detection support is now supported in some controls
  • And last but not least, IE11 support has been added

Please download it on the project release page and don’t forget to have a look at the Breaking Changes section.

Contributions are welcome, either by reporting bugs or opening PR on our Github repository. For enquiries please email us to or get in touch on IRC (#itowns on freenode).