Tag: 3D

12 mai 2015

Cesium Buildings

Cesium Buildings started at the `OSGeo code sprint in Philadelphia. It is still at an early stage but already allows to display textured buildings on the Cesium globe.
20 octobre 2014

Oslandia releases « Cuardo » 3D GIS viewer

Oslandia announces today the preliminary result of one of its research and development project : Cuardo . Cuardo is an OpenSource WebGL 3D data viewer, focusing on urban data analysis and visualization.
23 septembre 2013

QGIS Community meeting in Brighton

Developers and contributors from the QGIS project are used to gather physically twice a year across different countries. Such an event allows people to synchronize their effort, and discuss new possible developments.cThe latest QGIS community meeting took place in Brighton from the 12th to the 16th of September, just before the FOSS4G event. It was
20 septembre 2013

PostGIS 3D – Foss4g video and workshop

The latest PostGIS and QGIS 3D enhancements presented at FOSS4G by Oslandia are available online.We suggest you to have a look on our PostGIS 3D / QGIS 3D video demonstration using SFCGAL library and the QGIS Horao plugin.
8 juillet 2013


La première release officielle de SFCGAL vient de sortir aujourd’hui: http://www.sfcgal.org SFCGAL est une bibliothèque Open Source de traitement de données géospatiales 2D et 3D. SFCGAL permet ainsi de lancer des traitements d’analyse spatiale 2D et surtout (c’est là la nouveauté) en 3D (Intersection, Extrusion, Straight Skeleton, somme de Minkowski…). SFCGAL est basée sur la bibliothèque