Translation, a distribution lever

By Wednesday October 5th, 2022Development, Open Source,

Spreading a QGIS plugin, or any other development that want to address a large audience, implies going through its translation process.

It happens not only on the user interface, the abstract, but also in the plugin documentation.

As mentioned in this other article, LSCI plugin was translated and is now available in French and in English.

For the user interface translation, we use Qt mechanisms adapted for python language.

For the user documentation, we decided to test a collaborative translation platform in order to enable most people to contribute, and even to add new translations and languages.

Vincent Bré


When he arrived at Oslandia, Vincent Bré greatly participated in the plugin translation on LSCI plugin’s Weblate page, thanks to his previous experience contributing to the official French translation of QGIS using a similar tool, Transifex.

He was able to test the ergonomics of Weblate, and confirm our tool chain choices.

Translation example

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We decided to test Weblate platform, where many OSGEO projects are translated.

This enables to get the community translated text directly into the plugin code.

Using Sphinx translation process, we adapted the way the documentation is built to have the possibility to easily change the displayed language, via a link on the documentation.