Donate to Free Software foundations and associations, as we do

By Monday April 27th, 2020Conférence, Events, GIS

Oslandia just applied its new policy for donations to free software and GIS-related associations. We decided that in 2020 we would give… 2020€ to various associations and foundations.

This year, we chose to donate to the following organizations :

  • April( actually a membership fee to the association) : this is the main French advocacy association devoted to promoting and protecting Free/Libre Software.
  • Georezo : the reference community website in France for everything related to Geospatial
  • Afpy : French Python users association
  • Framasoft : presented as a “gateway to the Free World”, the network Framasoft wants to position itself as a bridge between the librarian community and the general public.
  • FSF Europe : the Free Software Foundation Europe

This is also an opportunity to thank them for their great work in supporting, defending, spreading OpenSource software, and especially in the GIS world.

As the COVID-19 crisis evolves, most of the planned events for 2020 have been cancelled. Events usually represents a great part of the incoming money for supporting organizations, especially in the free software community. These organizations need your help now to continue to defend OpenSource software and the common goods in general.

Donate !