iTowns 1.0 release : 3D web visualization framework

By Wednesday February 17th, 2016Developpement, NewsFR

Oslandia is pleased to announce the first release of iTowns, a new 3D geospatial data visualization web framework developed by the iTowns project, including people from French IGN, Oslandia and AtolCD.

Contact for this project at Oslandia :

iTowns is a web framework written in Javascript/WebGL for visualisation of 3D geographic data, allowing precise measurements in 3D. Its first purpose is the visualisation of street view images and terrestrial lidar point clouds, though it now supports much more data types.

Version 1.0 is the first opensource release of iTowns. It is the core of the original iTowns application developped during the last years at French IGN MATIS research laboratory. Oslandia worked closely with IGN during the last months, in order to prepare this move from an in-house application to an opensource project.

This version provides the following features :

  • Load and project Oriented Images on mesh (cube or city model)
  • Load and display Panoramic Images
  • Load Depth Panoramic Image and render in 3D
  • Load 2D multipolygons with height (building footprint) from WFS or local file and triangulate it to create building boxes. This mesh can then be use for texture projection.
  • Navigate through Image Data using click and go functions
  • Load and display Point Cloud from PLY files.
  • Load and display 3D textured models (B3D, 3DS).
  • Simple API interface.

You will find all information and a demo on iTowns website :

French IGN provided a sample dataset, which can be viewed on the iTowns demo repository :

You can download iTowns Version 1.0 here :


iTowns is an OpenSource organization, delivering software components for 3D geospatial data visualization on the web. The iTowns project is open to contributions from anyone in the community. You can fork the project on GitHub  and send Pull Request, and we will be pleased to integrate them. Do not hesitate to consult the iTowns wiki  for general informations on how to contribute.


On the 3d and 4th of February, 2016, the iTowns project held a codesprint, hosted by IGNFab in Paris. It gathered around 15 developers and enabled to finalize the 1.0 release, work on iTowns project organization, documentation and demos, as well as design and test new features for the next generation of the iTowns framework. A PSC has been formed, with Alexandre Devaux (IGN)  as chair.

This collaboration has been fruitful, and is a good kick-off for all developers willing to work together on 3D geospatial data visualization.


iTowns is an original work from French IGN, MATIS research laboratory. It has been funded through various research programs involving the French National Research Agency, Cap Digital, UPMC, Mines ParisTec, CNRS, LCPC.

iTowns is currently maintained by IGN ( ) and Oslandia ( )

Should you wish to have more information or need support, please contact