New Training Catalog at Oslandia

By Sunday February 15th, 2015News

Oslandia publishes its new training catalog for 2015

Oslandia, training center, just published its new training catalog for 2015. It took us a little while, since there are numerous changes and a lot of new trainings in various domains.

Our training sessions are available as in-company training sessions (directly in your premises, at your desired dates). We can offer training in French, English, Spanish and Klingon ( additional cost may be charged ).

In this catalog, you will find all Oslandia’s classics : sessions concerning PostGIS will fit beginner’s needs, and allow the most curious of you to  `get their hand dirty with PostGIS internals. In our favorite topics, find also the QGIS sessions, and everything about GIS webservices.

These subjects have been extended and it is now possible to go even further, following namely QGIS Processing plugins development  or `coupling QGIS and simulation tools, which open a full new domain of applications.

On the GIS server side, the MapServer training is now upgraded to the most recent version 7, just released during the Philadelphia OSGeo Codesprint . We also added a Mapnik training session.

As for full new domains, we open (at last) web development training, with 2D web cartography libraries, Leaflet or OpenLayers 3. But most important are 3D client classes, with a session on 3D GIS architecture, with our Cuardo tool ( SIG3D) or the Cesium WebGL globe.

Another thematic, just appeared in our catalog is the Point Cloud data management topic. This kind of data is more and more present in modern GIS, and opensource software now exist to exploit them. You will be able to learn about storage and analysis of Point Cloud data, visualization, photogrammetry data processing or attend a session dedicated to UAV data management.|

Our data processing training have also been enhanced, e.g. with a session dedicated to Tempus, our Multimodal routing framework.

The full list of training is available in our catalog.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information, to get a quote or book a session :