Oslandia releases “Cuardo” 3D GIS viewer

By Monday October 20th, 2014Developpement, NewsFR

Oslandia announces today the preliminary result of one of its research and development project : Cuardo . Cuardo is an OpenSource WebGL 3D data viewer, focusing on urban data analysis and visualization.

Cuardo features :

  • 3D terrain data model
  • Multi-textured terrain (satellite, thematic)
  • Draping of 2D vector data
  • Textured 3D meshes
  • Custom styling, with 3D effects (extrusion…)
  • Level of detail management
  • Classic 3D user navigation
  • WebServices integration ( WMS, WFS )
  • Identify tool with custom actions (popup, links…)
  • Focus on performances
  • High customization possibilities

The specificity of this tool is that it deals really well with 3D features as objects, including LOD management, whereas most 3D viewers cannot distinguish objects and make it hard for object picking. Being able to visualize a full city in your browser without any plugin to install, and interact with other client application, makes Cuardo a good option for application development requiring 3D visualization, which you can mix with other great web libraries.

Cuardo is on GitHub, get it, fork it, PR it : https://github.com/Oslandia/cuardo

This software component is part of our 3D software stack. This Cuardo release is a first public release, and it is still under heavy development, but already usable for interesting use cases, as you can see in the video above.

We actively work on a full-featured 3D software solution to focus on 3D geographical data management. Our aim is to provide a full set of components allowing to :

  • Import 3D data
  • Transform 2D data into 3D data
  • Store high volumes of data
  • Perform 3D analysis
  • Combine 3D data with
  • Elevation models
  • Point clouds
  • Raster data
  • 2D vector data
  • Alphanumeric data
  • Setup webservices for data diffusion, including 3D data
  • Visualize the data in a browser

The release of Cuardo web client is the missing piece for a vertical 3D GIS data management stack.

Oslandia has a strong expertise on 3D GIS, be it on the server side, or as stated by this anouncement, on the client side. Oslandia is commited to improving this software solution, adapting it and making it fit your specific use cases.

To get in touch if you want some more information on how to take advantage of your 3D spatial data in the best way. We will be delighted to hear your use cases :infos+3d@oslandia.com .

We would like to thank the Grand Lyon metropolitan area, for distributing a lot of GIS data as opendata, including textured 3D models : http://www.smartdata.grandlyon.com