Oslandia is an innovative company specialized in GIS architecture. We provide services on Open Source software for which we are editors or recognized experts.


Oslandia actively contributes to Geographic Information Systems like QGIS, QGIS Server and many other opensource GIS software components and has several core committers within its team.

We have also developed expertise in the field of Web mapping applications with Leaflet and OpenLayers.


We have strong skills ranging from processing to visualization of 3D data. We offer a 3D software stack including a point cloud streaming server, 3D visualization frameworks, and related tools such as SFCGAL, a collection of three-dimensional object manipulation libraries.


Furthering our long-standing expertise, we apply our data processing skills through the conception of various complex GIS-oriented algorithms and our contributions to PostGIS.

Our Data activity goes from the building of data pipelines to the design of AI and machine learning algorithms applied to geospatial analysis.

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Tuesday May 7th, 2024

(Fr) [1’Tech by Oslandia] TCO

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Tuesday April 30th, 2024

(Fr) Transitec, observatoire de la mobilité

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Monday April 29th, 2024

(Fr) Oslandia sur le Sustainable High City Tech 2024 // SusHi-Tech à Tokyo !

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