PGIS4: PostGIS Administration


PostgreSQL and PostGIS are the favorite database combo for spatial data processing.

This training session will allow you to know the main points, concepts, whys and wherefores linked to PostgreSQL/PostGIS administration in a production environment

This session is dedicated to database administrators.


The course will give you the following skills :

  • Know the main concepts linked to PostgreSQL/PostGIS server administration
  • Be able to install and configure a server in a production context
  • Be able to manage the main administration tasks


2 days


Good SQL 92 knowledge
RDBMS administration notions recommanded


This program is indicative. It could be adapted to your specific needs.

  • PostgreSQL administration

    • Installation and compilation
    • PostgreSQL cluster organization
    • Database creation, using templates
    • Using the psql client
  • Spatial databases administration

    • PostGIS and GEOS administration and compilation
    • PostGIS metadata (geometry_columns, spatial_ref_sys)
    • PostgreSQL schemas and spatial data
  • Log management

    • System log setup
    • Log queries and analyze them with PgBadger
  • User right management

    • USER, ROLE and GROUP
    • Authentication methods and pg_hba.conf
    • GRANT and REVOKE
  • Performances

    • Rtree and GIST indexes
    • CLUSTER the data
    • postgresql.conf tuning
    • Vaccum and autovaccum
  • Backup and restore

    • pg_dump and pg_dumpall
    • Restore from WAL



Contact us for on-site trainings at your office (dates are flexible to your needs).