PostgreSQL and PostGIS are the favorite database combo for spatial data processing.

This training session will allow you to know the main points, concepts, whys and wherefores linked to PostgreSQL/PostGIS administration in a production environment

This session is dedicated to database administrators.


The course will give you the following skills :

  • Know the main concepts linked to PostgreSQL/PostGIS server administration
  • Be able to install and configure a server in a production context
  • Be able to manage the main administration tasks


Ce programme est donné à titre indicatif. Il peut être adapté selon les besoins:

  • PostgreSQL administration

    • Installation (pgdg or compilation)
    • PostgreSQL cluster organization
    • Database creation, using templates
    • Using the psql client
  • Spatial databases administration

    • PostGIS and GEOS administration and compilation
    • PostGIS metadata (geometry_columns, spatial_ref_sys)
    • PostgreSQL schemas and spatial data
  • Log management

    • System log setup
    • Log queries and analyze them with PgBadger
  • User right management

    • USER, ROLE and GROUP
    • Authentication methods and pg_hba.conf
    • GRANT and REVOKE
  • Performances

    • Rtree and GIST indexes
    • CLUSTER the data
    • postgresql.conf tuning
    • Vaccum and autovaccum
  • Backup and restore

    • pg_dump and pg_dumpall
    • Restore from WAL
  • Upgrade of PostgreSQL clusters containing PostGIS databases


2 days


Good SQL 92 knowledge
RDBMS administration notions recommanded

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