Expertise on QGIS migrations

Oslandia helps its clients to migrate their GIS to QGIS, so as to :

  • reduce costs and TCO , especially costs involved by complex licence schemes
  • regain strategic control over their Geographical Information System, without vendor lock-in
  • adapt the software to their needs, and not the opposite
  • mutualize costs
  • leverage a large software ecosystem and favor interoperability

Tailored consulting on the whole production line

We adapt our service offer to your specific context and organization. The tasks we can achieve are diverse :

  • analyze your needs, starting from pragmatic use case. We work closely with your end-users to focus on most important needs
  • advise on internal organization and the definition of roles and responsibilities so as to optimize daily work
  • propose data governance models to guarantee your information system’s durability
  • design the best architecture for your information system, adapted to your context, budget and needs
  • model your data in a reference database, as a solid ground to build applications and process, with high quality data
  • migrate and integrate your data : we work closely with you to get it done efficiently
  • advise on choosing the right software component for the job
  • provide you good practices in the domain
  • transfer knowlodge about opensource GIS, its organization and development models

They trust us

With our former system, we needed 55 seconds to answer a DT/DICT demand. Now, we achieve the query within 19 seconds, with additional geoprocessing. (Franck Lenoël, Orange)