Dedicated applications with QGIS

QGIS-based applications ?

QGIS is an application which can be highly customized, thanks to its plugin system. It is possible to adapt the graphical user interface ( menus, toolboxes, docks…), extend behaviours through various mechanisms, and create specific custom features with plugins and new processing algorithms.

QGIS is perfectly integrated with PostGIS, a spatial database allowing to embed numerous processing capabilities and GIS features. When fulfilling a specific need, we can delegate a lot of domain-specific data processing to the database :

  • Behaviours are coded right with the data, and performances are better
  • Maintenance and future evolutions are easier to code
  • Development costs are reduced

Beyond a Desktop and Server GIS application, QGIS is also a real development platform.

It allows to create complete domain-specific applications, to process and render geospatial data.

Some examples of applications we already built with the QGIS platform :

  • water and wastewater network management
  • electricity network management
  • natural gas network management
  • cadaster management
  • etc.

Domain-specific applications - products

Oslandia develops several domain-specific applications based on QGIS and PostGIS :

  • Hydra for hydrological modelling and simulation
  • digiTIGRE wastewater network management application for the city of Paris
  • QWAT for water distribution
  • QGEP for wastewater network management
  • Albion, a geological application for QGIS, with 3D volumes reconstruction from well logs informations
  • the land management system PAGGF is the cadaster management application for Burundi