This session will allow you to discover and work with Tempus, a framework for multimodal routing. It contains a theoretical part on routing algorithms, and particularly on multimodal routing particularities. It also contains a practical part to discover Tempus and develop on this platform to adapt it to your needs.

Open Data like OpenStreetMap or public data will also be used for use cases and import processes.


Thanks to this training, you will develop the following skills:

  • Know the global architecture of Tempus
  • Be able to deploy Tempus and adapt it to your specific needs


This program is indicative. It could be adapted to your specific needs.

  • Architecture

    • Architecture and data model
    • PostGIS data model
    • Graph model and multimodal connectivity
    • WPS client/server model
    • Plugins architecture
  • Data import

    • OpenStreetMap and Opendata import
    • Data verification
  • QGIS client

  • Routing plugins

    • boost::graph API and Tempus API
    • Plugins development
  • Theoretical aspects

    • Dijkstra and A* algorithms
    • Bidirectional concepts
    • Public transportations and multimodal routing specificities
    • Dynamic costs
    • Performance issues
    • Hierarchical approaches


3 days


Good general GIS knowledge
PostgreSQL basic knowledge
Recommended : C++ development skill

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