This session will allow you to discover and master various OpenSource software components for routing operations. You will learn to handle use cases from shortest path search to isochrones or multimodal transportation systems.

Open data sets like OpenStreetMap or other public data will also be studied for use cases and data import processes.


The course will give you the following skills :

  • Know the various mature OpenSource routing solutions and be able to set them up
  • Know how to use the main open data sources for routing


This program is indicative. It could be adapted to your specific needs.

  • Introduction to route solving problems

    • Dijkstra and A* algorithms
    • Bi-directional algorithms
    • Traveler Salesman Problem (TSP)
    • Isochrone
  • Open Street Map data

    • Data structure presentation
    • Using OSM data for routing
    • Extract and process the data
  • PgRouting

    • Presentation and architecture of PgRouting
    • Internal graph representation in PostgreSQL
    • Routing queries
    • Query visualization with QGIS
  • Tempus

    • Architecture and data model
    • Issues and goals of multimodal routing
    • GTFS data for public transportation
    • QGIS client
  • OSRM

    • Presentation of algorithms used
    • installing and setup
    • OSRM customization


3 days


Good general GIS level
Recommended : software development skills
Basic knowledge of PostgreSQL and PostGIS

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