This training course is dedicated to QGIS users also working with scientific computing and simulation tools.

The training aims at giving the concepts and tools necessary to efficiently use both geographical information systems and simulation tools.

It focuses on QGIS features which have been developed to support data used in simulation, e.g. meshes, temporal data.


The course will give you the following skills :

  • Know the formats used in GIS and simulation
  • Know QGIS capabilities in simulation data processing
  • Understand performance issues and how to handle them


This program is indicative. It could be adapted to your specific needs.

  • Links between GIS concepts and simulation concepts

  • Use case of QGIS-simulation coupling

  • Simulation data types

  • GIS and simulation data types

  • Using mesh data in QGIS

  • Representation of mesh data

  • Georeferencing simulation data

  • Temporal data management

    • animate data
    • export animations
  • Using a database for mesh data

  • Performance considerations

  • Elements for geolocated 3D simulation data management

  • Future evolutions


3 days


IT fluency
Knowledge in simulation and scientific computing
QGIS knowledge as a user

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