PostGIS is the well-known spatial database extension to PostgreSQL. PostGIS features a wide range of vector spatial data processing features as well as raster data management features.

This training session will allow you to get your hands on the 3D features available in PostGIS, starting from version 2.1, and using the SFCGAL library.

This training session covers the installation of PostGIS 3D, importing 3D data and/or creating 3D data from 2D GIS data, using available processing capabilities and 3D features, specificities and constraints regarding 3D data, and visualization with QGIS 3D (Horao plugin).


The course will give you the following skills :

  • Know how to import and export 3D data
  • Know how to create 3D data, from 2D GIS data
  • Be able to use 3D spatial features of PostGIS (SFCGAL)
  • Know the performance issues regarding 3D
  • Be able to manipulate 3D data from QGIS 3D (Horao)


This program is indicative. It could be adapted to your specific needs.

  • Presentation of PostGIS 3D features context
    • Use cases
    • OGC Standards
  • PostGIS 3D functionnality presentation
    • Data types
    • Available functions
  • Data import
    • 3D data formats
    • Data import into PostGIS
  • 3D data creation
    • Extrusion and transformation of 2D data to simple 3D data (Level of detail CityGML LOD 2)
    • Generalization and transformation of 3D data (LOD 2) to 2D data (CityGML LOD 1)
    • Methods to transform simple 3D data to advanced 3D data (LOD 3)
  • 3D data visualization
    • In 2D with QGIS
    • In 3D with Horao (QGIS plugin)
  • Spatial analysis
    • 3D distances
    • 3D buffers
    • 3D Intersection
    • 3D volumes
  • Advanced spatial SQL
    • Using PostGIS Raster
  • Data export
  • Performances issues
  • Conclusion and future developments


2 days


PGIS1 : PostGIS mise en œuvre
Good knowledge of PostGIS

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