Best wishes 2024 !

By Monday January 15th, 2024NewsFR

✨ Oslandia extends its wishes for 2024, a year that will mark the 15th anniversary of the company. We are planning a dedicated event towards the end of the year and hope that many of you will join us.

👀 Stay tuned!

🚀 As we reach this milestone, we are more than ever committed and driving force in the production of high-quality open-source geospatial code. Our primary goal remains to provide users with the best solutions for their needs while ensuring their digital sovereignty.

Among other achievements and noteworthy events, this commitment translated into the following in 2023 :

  • A partnership with OpenGIS to promote, disseminate, and provide support for QField, the mobile solution in the QGIS ecosystem.
  • Integration of Oslandia into the OpenStreetMap Professionals federation.
  • Significant enhancements to existing components 👇
    • QGIS 3D, substantially stabilized through a campaign of bug fixes and technical debt revision, and improved with additional features.
    • SFCGAL, a 3D calculation library notably used in PostGIS and GDAL.
    •  Giro3d, the rapidly evolving web data visualization framework for 3D data.
    • ROAD2, the component for IGN’s Geoplatform dedicated to route calculation.
    •  QDT, the tool for industrializing QGIS deployments.
  • Introduction of new open-source components 👇
    •  QDuckDB, a QGIS plugin for DuckDB for geospatial OLAP analysis.
    •  ELAN, a plugin dedicated to urban hydrology analysis.

These actions within open-source communities are made possible thanks to our clients who directly and indirectly fund them, as well as our proactive investment program. We take pride in making these significant contributions to the common good !

Our training dates for 2024 are now available ! As always, we adapt to your specific needs to offer tailored training. Feel free to reach out to us.

We hope to have the opportunity to work together in the coming year and, on behalf of the entire team, wish you a prosperous 2024 !

Vincent Picavet and the Oslandia Team