Best wishes for 2022 !

By Tuesday January 18th, 2022NewsFR

Meilleurs vœux Oslandia 2022

At Oslandia, we will remember 2021 as a year marked by numerous GIS projects and the acknowledgement that open source ecosystems clearly prove their usefulness, their dynamism and their economic efficiency, with a user base steadily expanding.

We note around us and with our partners a strong will to start a virtuous development model where team competences are pushed forward, and where individual efforts allow to improve our tools together, in terms of stability, performances as well as features. 

This is a real confirmation by the market of the conviction we have held for more than ten years and for which we work, deploying industry-grade tools for our customers. This confirmation strengthens us and we are starting 2022 even more motivated and with a stronger team to meet the new challenges.

We start this new year with the prospect of new ambitious projects, reinforced collaborations and mutualizations, and new spaces where opensource can prove its value.

We are looking for new colleagues !

To support our growth, we are looking for new employees. If you know any potential candidates, please pass on the message to join our team !

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