Docker images for QGIS

By Thursday May 3rd, 2018GIS

With support from Orange we’ve created Docker images for QGIS. All the material for building and running these images is open-source and freely available on GitHub:

The docker-qgis repository includes two Docker images: qgis-build and qgis-exec.

The qgis-build image includes all the libraries and tools necessary for building QGIS from source. Building QGIS requires installing a lot of dependencies, so it might not be easy depending on the Operating System you use. The qgis-build image makes it easy and repeatable. The result of a QGIS build is Debian Stretch packages that can be used for building the qgis-exec image, as explained below.

The qgis-exec image includes a runtime environment for QGIS Server. The image makes it easy to deploy and run QGIS Server. It is meant to be be generic and usable in various contexts, and in production. There are two ways to build the qgis-exec image. It can be built from the official QGIS 3 Debian packages (, or from local QGIS Debian Stretch packages that were built using the qgis-build image.

We encourage you to go test and use our images! We haven’t pushed the images to the Docker Hub yet, but this is in the plans.

Feel free to contact us on GitHub or by email for any question or request!