QGIS Server: continuous integration platform

By jeudi 27 juin 2019QGIS, Technique


Since last year, a dedicated server rented by QGIS.org allows to run OGC and performance tests on a daily basis. Reports are generated automatically and made available at http://test.qgis.org/. The platform is now quite stable to go the next level.

Thanks a lot to Orange (French Internet and Phone provider) for its financial support!



Firstly, two new features are now available on the platform:


Also, from a system administration point of view, the continuous integration platform is much cleaner:

Last but not least, CSS style of daily reports are now consistent with QGIS design standards!

Next step?

Some more ideas are in the box:

  • Add time spent in database during a request in performance tests
  • OGC tests for other services and other versions

If you have ideas, comments or suggestions about this please contact us! The Oslandia QGIS Team is there for you :).