Oslandia renews itself and continues to grow !

By mardi 6 juin 2017News

Oslandia has been created in 2009 and quickly became a reference in OpenSource GIS, especially with the spatial database PostGIS.

2017 is a renewing year  for the company, with new domains and a team redesigned and enlarged to follow our growth.

Our offer now features three domains : 3D, DATA and GIS

  • GIS stays the main activity for Oslandia : consulting, training and development around OpenSource GIS, such as PostGIS and QGIS. We also design applications for specific fields of application, e.g. water networks management.
  • 3D is a result of our R&D efforts : 3D sensors, 3D massive data management ( e.g. Point Clouds), coupling GIS with scientific computing. Immersive visualization in web applications with iTowns is also a strong component of our 3D solutions.
  • DATA is a new activity for data production and analysis : data processing workflows and infrastructures, geospatial and geostatistics analysis, Machine Learning algorithms applied to geographical datasets as well as data visualization.

Our team of fifteen collaborators in Lyon, Paris and remote continues to grow in 2017 with new talents and new skills. This year also shows a change in the management, as founder Olivier Courtin is going to leave Oslandia towards other adventures. Vincent Picavet will become Chairman and only owner of Oslandia.

In 2017, Oslandia positions itself as an important innovative player on the geospatial data market, with a sustained growth and a continuous involvement in OpenSource values.

You will find more informations on this new website, with our training catalog, our customers and our latest news.