Back from FOSS4G 2016 – part 1

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FOSS4G, the main international OSGeo event, takes place once per year and gather all folks involved in opensource geospatial technologies at large.

This year, the conference took place in Bonn, Germany, and gathered around 900/1000 people. This edition was really good, as always for this conference. A lot of social events allowed direct talks to passionate people from all over the world, and the presentations were diverse and of high quality.

Oslandia at FOSS4G

Oslandia is a full player in the OpenSource GIS field, and we participated this year with various interventions.

Workshop on Point Cloud data

This workshop features the use of large amounts of Point Cloud data. We talked about databases and teached how to use PostgreSQL, PostGIS, PgPointCloud and PDAL at their best to manage your Point Clouds data. Workshop steps include :

  • Presentation of the components and their principles
  • Getting the components ready
  • Loading the point cloud data inside the database
  • Data manipulation with PDAL
  • Querying the point cloud data in the database
  • Mixing point cloud data with other data type ( 2D, 3D)
  • Performance issues & indexing
  • Visualizing your data

Workshop materials are available on github.

Workshop on 3D data

This workshop was an introduction to 3D geospatial infrastructure. It leads you to serving 3D data from a spatial database to a 3D web visualization client.
The Open Source components used in this workshop : PostGIS, to store and manipulate 3D data ( buildings ) building-server, a web server streaming 3D data and iTowns, the 3D web visualization framework.

This video was recorded during the workshop.

Workshop materials are available github.

A post to follow will give you some informations about our presentations.