« QGZ » – A new default project file format for QGIS

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Last year we had the opportunity to implement ‘.QGZ’ as  anew variant of  the QGIS 3 project file format.

This is simply a zipped container for the QGS xml file. We took benefit of that container to store the auxiliary storage database into it – only if users choose that optional format though.

In classical mode, the auxiliary database is saved as a .qgd file  along the xml file.

qgd auxiliary storage file


qgz file format saving

When choosing the zipped container, the qgd file falls into the qgz, and this becomes totally transparent for end users. No more issues, you can’t delete it or forget to copy it when sharing project files!

The great news today is that for qgis 3.2, qgz will be the default format!

This will offers many possibilities like embbeding:

  • Resources like fonts, SVG, color ramps, and all styling informations
  • A unified container for off-line editing embedding data into a gpkg format
  • plugins, scripts, processing algorithms and modelers

If you are interested in going further this, please contact us!

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