PGIS1 : PostGIS Level 1


PostGIS is the spatial database of choice. It allows you to store and manipulate your geographical data with ease and speed. It is full of features and let you leverage the power of spatial analysis to transform your data into information.

This session will allow you to install, and get your hands on PostGIS with its main features.

A specific focus will be put on performance and administration features of this spatial RDBMS.


The course will give you the following skills :

  • Know the major PostGIS features
  • Be autonomous for importing data and writing spatial queries
  • Know the main performance issues and be able to deal with it
  • Be able to manage a PostgreSQL/PostGIS basic installation


3 days


Good SQL 92 level


This program is indicative. It could be adapted to your specific needs.

  • PostGIS presentation
  • Installation
  • Spatial data representation
  • Spatial databases standards
    • OGC Simple Feature for SQL (SFS)
    • ISO 13249-3 SQL/MM Spatial Part
  • Spatial indexing
    • R-Tree indexing
    • GIST index creation
    • Performance aspects
  • Spatial data import/export
  • Spatial operators and functions
  • PostgreSQL clients
    • Psql: native command-line PostgreSQL client
    • PgAdmin3: desktop GUI
  • Basic spatial queries
    • Buffer, centroid, area, distance…
    • Intersection and topological inclusion
  • Advanced spatial queries
    • On the fly reprojection
    • Spatial join and sub-queries
    • Linear Interpolation (road network, hydrology…)
    • Creation and manipulation of geometries on the fly
  • Using QGIS for PostGIS queries result visualization
  • Perspectives and future development


Level 1

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