PC : Free software for visualization and processing of point cloud data


This session is dedicated to opensource softwares enabling to visualize and process point cloud data.

Pointcloud data can have various origins. We usually deal mainly with LIDAR data, but point clouds can also be generated from Structure from Motion algorithms. They can also come from very different systems like sensors or data collected from mobile devices.

This training presents some tools allowing to visualize data, as well as to apply frequent processing. The tools presented are mainly CloudCompare, MeshLab, as well as PDAL and PCL.

An opening towards online processing and visualization capabilities is given at the end of the session.


The course will give you the following skills :

  • Know the tools enabling to manage point cloud data
  • Know which tool is useful for which use
  • Know the bases for CloudCompare, MeshLab, PDAL and PCL


3 days


General IT skills
Basic GIS knowledge


This program is indicative. It could be adapted to your specific needs.

  • Point cloud data types
    • Data types presentation
    • Point cloud data formats
  • Usage contexts of Point Cloud data
    • LIDAR
    • Mobility
    • Volumetry
  • PDAL : library and tools
    • Presentation
    • Using PDAL for data import/export
    • Filters
  • CloudCompare
    • Presentation
    • Visualization with CC
    • Loading data
    • Basic functions : distance, picking…
    • Points selection
    • Data alignment
    • Subsampling
    • Georeferencing
    • Available plugins
  • MeshLab
    • Presentation
    • Visualization with MeshLab
    • Loading data
    • Surface reconstruction from point clouds
  • PCL
    • Presentation of the project
    • Available features
    • Examples of use with Python
  • PDAL
    • Presentation and concepts
    • Read/Write data
    • Processing workflows and filters
  • Other tools and perspectives

PC: Free software

processing of point cloud data

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