MAP1 : MapServer Suite Level 1


Mapserver suite is a set of industry-grade geographical server components, including a map rendering engine, OGC webservices software components and more.

This session will allow you to get your hands on the MapServer Suite software stack, know its configuration and optimize performances.


The course will give you the following skills :

  • Be able to install and configure the various MapServer Suite components
  • Be able to optimize those software component’s performances
  • Know the major Web Services (WMS, WFS and WFS-T, TMS, WMTS)


3 days


Good GIS knowledge


This program is indicative. It could be adapted to your specific needs.

  • Presentation and installation of MapServer Suite
    (MapServer, MapServer TinyOWS, MapServer Cache)
  • Main configuration file elements (MapFile)
    • MAP
    • LAYER
    • CLASS
    • STYLE
    • LABEL
  • Heterogeneous data access
    • Shapefile and GeoTiff
    • OGR/GDAL connection
    • PostGIS connection
    • TileIndex mechanisms
    • WMS and WFS
  • Symbology management and configuration
    • Type Vector
    • Type Ellipse
    • Type Cartoline
    • Type Pixmap
    • Type TrueType
    • Type Hatch
    • Chloropleths
  • OGC Web Services
    • OGC WMS: 1.1.1 and 1.3.0
    • WMS Server configuration
    • Using QGIS and OpenLayers as WMS clients
  • MapServer MapCache
    • TMS and WMTS
    • MapServer MapCache presentation
    • Installation and deployment as Fast-CGI and Apache module
    • Tile storage
    • Tile seeder
  • MapServer TinyOWS
    • OGC WFS-T
    • MapServer TinyOWS presentation
    • Installation and deployment
    • Configuration and link with mapfileWFS-T client with QGIS

MAP1: MapServer

Suite Level 1

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