QWAT – a QGIS based application to manage drinkable water infrastructures

QWAT – a QGIS based application to manage drinkable water infrastructures

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QWAT project (Lausanne, Morges, Pully and the SIGE

QWAT is an OpenSource software solution, based on QGIS and PostGIS, for Water distribution network management. This project is part of a desire to develop a family of applications for the management of underground networks (water , sewerage, gas, electricity …)

It features a data model, as well as features for managing the network through a modern graphical user interface. Data are stored in a PostgreSQL / PostGIS database. Water distribution network specificities and processes are mostly managed in the database with views, triggers and dedicated functions. A few modules in Qgis have been and will be added to provide more facilities in the data management, but most missing features where funded upstream in QGIS project.

While renewing its GIS solution for underground network cadastral data in 2011, the SIGE took the opportunity of confronting an open-source solution to generic commercial solutions. The SIGE took the risk of developing its own solution based on existing open-source GIS softwares (QGIS, PostgreSQL, Postgis), but made the most of the flexibility offered by such approach. And so was born QWAT, which is in production since December 2013.

Some communities of the surrounding area were facing the same question about renewal of their GIS solution and went visiting the SIGE to discover QWAT at its early development stage. Pully, Morges and finally Lausanne decided to join their effort and decided to perform a proof-of-concept with a live-test of QWAT into their infrastructure.

With the success of this proof-of-concept, they decided to choose Oslandia as a preferred integrating company to bring QWAT to an industrial grade quality.

QWAT was brought into production in Pully and is about to be soon in Lausanne and Morges. By joining their forces and different points of view, QWAT is about to become a complete solution: easy to use, rich in terms of features, extensible, documented and with support available.

Read more  http://qwat.org/

Contribute and test: https://github.com/qwat/

Documentation : http://qwat.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

  • Internationalized (English, French, Romanian)
  • Pipe Network topology
  • CAD – like edit tools (angles, distances, parallel or perpendicular constraints, fast digitizing on reference objects)
  • Water structure elements (manhole, valves…)
  • Multi scale geometry handling (250, 5000)
  • Multi Scale and Atlas automated printing
  • Survey points import and altitude handling
  • DataBase migration version control
  • Extensible data model with user defined fields
  • Import / export for major data standards in switzerland
  • Pluggable to EPANET hydraulic simulation tool
  • PostgreSQL/ PostGIS
  • QGIS based
  • Complete open source contributive process from code to documentation to technical design issues


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