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Water Agency Adour Garonne

The Adour Garonne French Water Basin agency is financially and technically supporting actions of integrated water management policy in great Sout West of France.


The water agency chose to migrate since 2008 its whole GIS infrastructure to Free Open Source Software by converting previous proprietary maintenance fees to financial contribution to all the tools required and hosted by OSGEO.

Thanks to an original frame public tender, allowing small and fast contracts, and rewarding good contribution practices by a 5% reward when source code is well committed upstream, Oslandia came as being the main involved partner for PostGIS / QGIS training and QGIS based coding.

The water agency chose to migrate its spatial infrastructure centered first on a data focus, using postgis as a high availability provider for geographic datas and processing services. The European Water Framework Directive pushed geospatial data in the core of its reporting and decision making policy, letting no choice but being able to handle a major rise of geospatial uses.

The infrastructure was made to host millions of yearly river, lakes and groundwater monitoring results and GigaBytes of geospatial reference datasets, serve it to existing tools, allows efficient data science analysis and Open data casting to public portals.

That project success allowed the agency to go beyond its goals and deploy dynamic decision making applications for wastewater pressure assessment and start porting that QGIS application to a QGIS server based application to allow collaborative work with all the involved partners.

  • Contribute to QGIS Atlas plugin port to C++ core
  • Mass bug fixing for QGIS 2.0 release
  • MASK Plugin https://youtu.be/u29yGSQhX2g
  • QGIS Inverted polygon renderer
  • Fix slowlyness of identify tool that led to whole renderer on the fly simplification, and major speed improvements.
  • Complete refactoring of all data defined widgets in layer properties
  • Variable size assistant for numeric fields
  • Color legend for diagrams
  • UNIT TESTS in all contracts
  • Documentation both in english and french.
  • QGIS Enhancement Proposals for labeling improvements
  •      #27 Auxiliary data storage for qgs project file
  •      #49 Label masking
  •      #62 Curved labeling improvements
  •      #46 #29 Cartographic paths for labels
  •      #47 Label connectors (Callouts)²
  • User and  developers training
  • Coordination with the French Ministry of Environment on QGIS contribution
  • A more detailed report of contributions is available there.
  • High availability PostgreSQL/ PostGIS
  • QGIS desktop instances deployed over Citrix VWmare for 300 user sessions
  • An Open Data and INSPIRE compliant web portal entirely Open Source based (Mapserver, GeoNetwork, Postgis, Joomla and Symfony)
  • Oslandia got involved in core C++ and python QGIS coding with a full GitHub interaction with the client. See https://github.com/aeag